Avia & Co.

Avia & Company offers world-class consulting services to our clients through our strategy, organisation, implementation and transformation functions. While we bring deep, functional expertise, we are also known for our holistic perspective, capturing value across boundaries and between the silos of any organisation.


Avia’s strategic function includes understanding the landscape and identifying the area of operation, designing customer and proposition strategy, executing strategy through leadership skill training, and deal realisation where we identify, evaluate and execute acquisitions, commercial due diligence and post-merger integration.


We help our clients to master change and manage people better, to create enduring value from turnarounds, restructures, and mergers. We help clients create talent strategies linked to business needs, understand workforce trends, and develop great leaders, to build an excellent human resources function.


Information technology has revolutionised how businesses operate and interact with the external world. However, these investments involve large outlays, and solutions should be designed to meet business needs and deliver benefits. We design and implement digital solutions for improved business processes, better decision support and superior customer experience


Business transformation delivers a step-change in performance by moving a business from its current suboptimal state to the desired target state. Our business transformation experts use a number of tactical approaches to reduce costs, improve business processes, and enhance the effectiveness of business support functions.


Programs involving growth and transformation fundamentally impact people and business processes, and are often fraught with risk of cost, schedule and scope overruns. We provide project management support to minimise delivery risks and embed change within a business using targeted change interventions

Vat advisory

Our VAT advisory services are designed to help clients prepare for the introduction of VAT through our specialised Business Impact Assessment and subsequently provide expert support with filings, documentation and additional assessments. We deliver our services through a two-pronged approach: VAT Readiness and VAT Filings.