Avia & Co.

Our focus is on design craftsmanship and creative use of digital technology. We have an experienced team that is involved in exciting, challenging and enjoyable work. Collaborating with brands and agencies on small to large projects, we continue to develop sophisticated design solutions.

Brand Identity

We at Avia understand the importance of brand positioning. Our creative teams approach creativity as more of a science and strategy than just design.
Upon creating the brand story and values, we work with our design partners in delivering fresh, unique, and innovative designs that captures the brand’s persona.


Content is gaining an upper hand in marketing today; with a dynamic and challenge-driven creative team, our copywriters understand the significance of engaging content. Avia assures to be the ear for its clients in drafting compelling content that drives the brand strategy forward.
Additionally, we bring our exceptional cross-industry knowledge to the academic, business and industry communities through a combination of digital media and live summits, providing organizations with cutting-edge insights to drive growth in a constantly changing business environment.


In this demanding age of ever-evolving consumer needs and wants, staying beyond or at par with the consumer expectations requires more than just design. With our focus on the growing number of digitally tuned consumers, we keep consumer experience at the heart of strategy; recreating marketing activities across multichannel marketplace.
Avia strives towards cementing customer loyalty and propelling consumer engagement through analytics that provide key insights to our clients.


In a world where consumers are more digitally connected now than ever, Avia recognises the media influence on consumer’s heart and mind share. Our talented media team focusses on portraying your brands efficiently. With creative talents ranging over photography, cinematography, scripting, audio production, voice overs, the media team ensures your brand story is seen and heard across all advertising channels.