Avia & Co.

We are a global grid of experts developing and implementing innovative solutions for the world’s most complex engineering challenges. With sustainability at the heart of our philosophy, our clients depend on our ability to design, build and operate their most critical projects. Our technical knowledge, local connections and broad market experience allow us to deliver across an entire project life cycle.


Clients trust us to design the buildings and public spaces that shape communities and cities. We design a wide range of building types which excel at their function, provide a highquality environment for people, strengthen our client’s brand and identity, conserve energy and water, and complement their context.


Along with our subsidiary, Cornerstone Technical Services, we transform design concepts into tangible assets by deploying leading technology, lean construction methodologies, and innovative jobsite safety approaches to yield optimal results.

Asset Management

National governments, civilian agencies and the private sector depend on our skill to manage their complex and sensitive facilities. Our expertise in engineering, space planning, design and construction, along with a deep understanding of potential threats help to develop and meet the requirements related to facility management. We develop asset maintenance strategies that are tailor made to buildings, communities and cities.


We help global industrial and public sector clients balance growth with resiliency, achieving compliance and reducing, or eliminating, risks while protecting our natural environment. Our aim is to solve complex environmental challenges throughout the business life cycle: asset development, operation optimisation, integrated products, and restoration and reuse. Avia is a market leader in defining strategies for sustainable management of water and energy resources with a distinct approach to waste management.

Smart Cities

Cities are facing numerous challenges such as water scarcity,aging infrastructure, and the increasing cost of energy. As a partner to cities, we help address such issues by providing innovative solutions, and supporting their transformation towards smart, sustainable, and attractive cities.

Process Technology

We provide process technology research, development, demonstration, commercialisation and implementation of air, gas and water treatment technology to the power, oil and gas, and industrial markets.