• "It is my personal conviction that our value is maximised when we discover our true purpose. This holds true, be it for governments, businesses or industries. We enable our clients by challenging conventional thinking and pushing for transformation. Using a collaborative approach, we build capabilities that help achieve sustainable advantage. We are a group of purpose driven leaders, who are inspiring you to be and empowering you to do.
    Welcome to Avia, a world of infinite possibilities."

    Founder and Managing Partner

  • "Notwithstanding the vagaries of the political, economic and social climate, we are believers in meaningful relationships. We strive towards forging strong partnerships and helping create sustainable ventures across diverse sectors through our portfolio of strategic business units. At Avia, we believe together we can be profitable."

    Chairman , Avia Enterprises

  • Avia Story

    Avia was founded in 2011 as a consulting firm offering management and technology services. Since then, we have grown into a trusted knowledge partner working with clients across 14 industries through our portfolio of 7 strategic business units.
    We take pride in creating value through every endeavour and act as catalysts for sustainable growth. Living and thriving together as one big family, our people come from diverse specialties and varied backgrounds.

  • Our Brand

    Avia is a brand founded with a perspective of creating a sustainable future. Be it people or technology, we believe in finding meaning and adding value through all our endeavors.


  • Our Purpose

    We seek to build a better tomorrow, by serving as a strategic advisor to governments and as an empowering partner to communities.
    For a positive impact on people and the planet, we champion:
    • influence of governments towards sustainable development
    • innovation in industries
    • transformation of businesses for growth