Avia & Co.

True sustainability is not simply allaying of environmental impact - it also illustrates sound business sense. We believe successful organisations have sustainability at their core. We help make critical decisions with respect to sustainability strategy, environmental and social impact of operations, stakeholder engagement, and sustainability-related growth and cost opportunities. We also ensure that all sustainability initiatives make sound business sense vis-a-vis return on investment.

Market Intelligence

Our company-specific and sector-wise trend reports update and advise clients on critical topics, improving their responsiveness and spurring innovation.


We conceive and coordinate stakeholder workshops for our clients on diverse topics, ranging from crisis management to climate change.

Business Strategy

Our expertise guides companies no matter where they are on their journey to sustainability, inspiring executives and facilitating creation of a vision and goals.

Energy & Technology

Crucial to reducing energy consumption is the evaluation of existing and projected energy demands against an accepted benchmark. With a range of techniques at our disposal, we aim to increase energy efficiency and promote reduced energy use.

Built Environment

At the inception stage of development, we include sustainable strategies and technologies. This helps build sustainable buildings and infrastructure with minimal effect on the environment.

Waste Management

Waste minimisation strategies, reusing waste, and recycling technologies from construction through to operation, enhance the sustainability of a development. Waste management techniques range from composting and use of biomass for energy generation, to the inclusion of recycled construction materials within building design.