Avia & Co.

Our deep transportation and logistics expertise helps us understand the industry challenges across the entire commercial value chain. Our services have reduced complexity, increased flexibility and improved decision making for our clients. Avia experts work with companies across the logistics value chain to navigate today’s challenges and to anticipate and develop pragmatic, winning strategies for tomorrow’s opportunities.


A fully outsourced service for our clients, we control the complete aircraft operation, including planning passenger itineraries, flight services, crewing, maintenance supervision, regulatory authority liaison, full cash management and financial services up to and including audited accounts for the aircraft. We offer a menu-based service, where clients can select their requirements.


With all the advantages of a personal jet, without the responsibility of owning an aircraft, our flight solutions are designed for frequent-flying individuals, entrepreneurs, and corporates. Our close association with multiple business-jet operators worldwide means our consultants have access to a large and advanced aircraft fleet to offer a wide range of economic air transportation options.


Our team of global experts and industry leaders offer aviation consulting in the areas of technicality, operations, finance, and strategy. We work with operators seeking authorisation from civil aviation authorities and our in-house R&D team collaborates with external developers to provide innovative MRO and flight operational software solutions. We offer support for operators requiring policy and operations manuals that meet the civil aviation authority’s standards and provide project-specific feasibility studies and financing services.


Avia Logistics’ supply chain consulting and services are unparalleled in the industry, offering end-to-end support and have established a strong reputation in the freight forwarding, shipping, transportation and logistics industry. With the head office based in Dubai, we have a strong global network across
Asia, Middle East and Africa, Europe, Canada, and Australia. The company also offers value added services such as packing, re-packing and sub-assemblies, with a strong emphasis on customer service, cost competitiveness, and risk management


Our tailored courses and programmes cater to your company requirements and enhance your personal profile. Whether it is a job promotion or change of company, completion of industry specific courses helps you stay ahead of your competition and provides you with a winning edge. We provide a range of bridge programmes and highly complex courses within the aerospace, aeronautics and aircraft maintenance engineering departments, along with other programmes in general aviation and airport operations.


The right team is critical to a successful operation. We place great emphasis on recruiting and retaining individuals with specific industry experience and a preoccupation with service delivery.